Nick Kiefer - Art Director & Designer


I'm a freelance designer.

This is me.

Designer, art director, skateboarder, local surfer and traditional tattoo collector. I reside in the glorious city of Asbury Park, NJ. I've been designing record covers and local music posters for more than half my life. Currently on staff at a small, wonderful advertising agency close to home, I spend the better part of my days shaping local brands and getting my ass kicked by clients. 

Send me an email. Let's talk about creating something beautiful together.

Adventures, photos and art on Instagram.


But, I'm also an art director.

Hiring me for a freelance design job is really cool and all, but sometimes having me + the structure of an agency is what you need. You know, for the big stuff. 

If that's the case, check us out.


And, I'm socially accepted.